Re: Adhesion barriers

Wed Feb 2 19:46:46 2005


I have not heard anything about the wrap you refer to, however, I had a gel put in (not spraygel) back in 1997, and in 2003 had to have a special surgery to separate my organs that had fused together from this stuff turning to a glue-like substance. It has since been recalled from what I was told. I had 4 surgeries in between those and no one ever noticed it. I've had to have 4 since then now also, because they caused so many more adhesions cleaning everything up.

The last one I had in September of 2004, the surgeon nicked my intestine, causing it to tear. He repaired the tear only to have it rupture overnight...leading to yet another open procedure the next day with 2 bowel resections! So, the cycle starts again for me. I'm sorry you are going through this, but if I were you, I'd find another surgeon! Best of luck and prayers!

Jeanne Surdo

> Sender: (Michelle Hernandez)
> Subject: Adhesion barriers
> I just stumbled across this site. I have had 7 surgeries within a
> year's time...the 7th was last week for removal of granulation tissue
> on the vaginal cuff...the doctor discovered two small pieces of a
> larger piece of SurgiWrap that he had put in place during my
> Hysterectomy in Sept 04. (July 04 he had done a Lap finding adhesions
> and Endometriosis, he treated the Endo at that time, and cut down the
> adhesions, by the time he went in again {sept 04} the adhesions were
> back, this was when he used SurgiWrap to block the two biggest
> adhesions.)

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