Re: Questions about Adhesions after a Hysterectomy

From: Jawana Coleman (
Wed Feb 2 19:44:23 2005

Jenny - The symptoms you are having are classic adhesions. I too live in East Texas but have to come into Dallas to see a dr. Not sure if there are any good ones in East Texas.

After my last surgery, my Dr. decided he could do nothing more and sent me to Pain management. They will not operate again unless I have an obstruction. I am happier now than in the last two years, if only because the drs finally believe me and are giving me some help with pain relief. The hardest thing about this disease is that on the days you feel pretty good, you start to think it might be over and you are getting well. Then it hits again and you can't help but feel depressed. Good luck with your situation and feel free to email if you want to talk.

At Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Jenny wrote: >I live in East Texas now and don't know who I should go see for this.
>My husband said he thought my doctor who performed the
>hysterectomy(Arkansas doc) said I could get adhesions well I don't
>remember him saying that but I was deathly ill at that time anyway.
>Will Adhesions cause these symptons and how do the doctors diagnosis
>adhesions? I am in desparate need for info and help.
>Thank Jenny

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