Adhesions after 4 c-secions, they want to do surgery

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sun Jan 30 15:02:43 2005

Subject: Adhesions after 4 c-secions, they want to do surgery

I recently went to my doctor for pelvic pain, specifically on one side. It worsens during ovulation and just feels like my insides are being ripped apart. After doing an internal ultrasound she's said that I have a fibroid tumor as well as adhesions from the surgeries. She suspects they are beginning to adhere to my bowels (of which I have NEVER had bowel trouble and don't show any signs of it now either).

She's decided to do the adhesiolysis surgery, but not via laparoscopy.

She's going to use my same c-section incision. To me - this seems silly. Aren't adhesions due to surgery? And she wants to do MORE surgery.

Also - from my research, I should have constant pain from adhesions.

It's primarily during ovulation - so maybe it's not adhesions? Plus - from what I can tell, the risks of this surgery far outweight the benefits.

I have a consult appointment with her Monday before surgery the following Monday. Any advice? Questions t hat I should ask? Thinks to consider?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I can be emailed at



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