I am almost off meds

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Robin is right. The spray gel does help some people. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I would hope that we could get a percentage rate on how many people that the spray gel has helped.

It is very discouraging to hear of the "cure" and spend all your savings and look forward to being free of the ARD and to come home and start all over again.

I believe it has helped some people but not all so you take your chances. It may be the best thing for us though. Don't let any surgeon cut on you.

I have talked to some people that say they have adhesions back, some that are pain-free and some that feel that their adhesions are gone but suffer from pain. For some reason, a lot of the one's that are "cured" have pain problems but not all the other problems associated with adhesions.

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Dear Kristie, If the meds are not helping with your pain, then it is a good idea to get off them.

As far as Spray Gel goes, I know first hand that it works. I have been adhesion and adhesion pain free for over 19 months!!

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