It's AnnMarie here again....

From: AnnMarie (sweetlilqt913@AOL.COM)
Thu Jan 27 17:16:19 2005

Hello everyone... I dont know if many or any of you remember me, but Ive posted here before in the past, and well here I am months and months (probably even years!) later exactly where I started... but WORSE!

Incase noone does remember me- Im 20 yrs old (female) that was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and have massive pelvic adhesions. I have had 31 surgeries now, for both the hydrocephalus and gyno problems like ovarian cysts, pelvic pain ect. Well last Feb. I had an ovarian cyst removed that was the size of a grapefruit! the ob-gyn who did it could NOT believe what my insides looked like, thats how bad the scar tissue is... he said in his 25 yrs of being a ob-gyn he had never seen anything so horrific. he also had to call in a second surgen to "help" him out when he removed the cyst last year. Well now

I have yet another cyst. I have old ob gyn's who have done laprotomies and scopes and she said she dug and dug thru adhesions and said I definitly only have one ovary- my left one. she said I DID NOT have a right ovary. but when I went for the last ultra sound for this left cyst that was bothering me (ALOT!) the ultra sound tech said I DO have a right AND a left ovary because I have a cyst on my right ovary, and TWO of them on my left!( one on the outside of my left ovary and the other on that same side is INSIDE my ovary) so who is right.. I dont know... nor do I know how many ovaries I actually have! Either way these cyst(s) on the left side r KILLING me! to the point where it takes my breath away at times (not in a good way either! lol)WEll my ob-gyn has basically told me he doesnt know what to do! I am sooooooo fusterated, and confused because to me if a dr doesnt know what to do and how to help me, how am I ever suppose to know?!?! he told me he will not remove any of the cysts because of what he saw last yr when he went in there.

and I guess since I already have lots of adhesions no surgery isnt such a bad thing! but I also cant just sit back and "deal" with the pain either! its bad enough I have to deal with the pain from the adhesions every single day of my life... pain from cysts on top of that is just too much for me. Im trying to be be "wimpy" and to be brave and deal with it, but I really just dont know how much longer I can do it for.

Pain meds arent even working to help deal with the pain either! the pain meds actually never did help with the pain from these cysts from the begining (when I was first diagnoised with the cysts they admitted me to the hospital and treated my pain with morphene, while they tried to decide what they could and wanted to do about it.)my ob-gyn also put me pn bc (birth control) to help prevent future cysts, but it still hasnt helped the fact that I still have cysts on my ovaries now! does ANYONE have ANY suggestions at all for me? if so they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced AnnMarie

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