Massive adominal adheasions

From: Linda Looman (
Tue Jan 25 15:23:19 2005

I have been suffering from adheasions now for about four years. I have had 17 operations. I think that i was doing just fine untill dec. 6 2003 when the dr. discovered a 11cm tumer in my lower adomlnal area.

and now because of that operation i have my bowels stuck to my adominal wall and when i twist or turn i fill like my insides are streaching and ripping apart. Sometimes it burns so bad that the dr. gives me injections of marcane into my adominal wall that seams to be the only thing that helps with the pain. I have tried to get a dr to go in and take the bowels off the wall and remove the adahisions just from one area. but no one will do it.

if i am willing i think that a dr should do it for me. i am getting very desparate. when it hurts bad about every 7 to 10 days. I wish i would not wake up . Dealing with this is such a great problem. I have Blue Cross ppo insurance and i wish i could find a dr. that dealt with anly adheasions and knew what he was doing. can any one help I live in calif but i would go anywhere within reason.


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