injections of alcohol to kill nerve endings

From: Pat (
Fri Jan 21 21:15:58 2005

I need to know if anyone has had alcohol injections to kill the nerve endings inside their abdominal wall. With all the surgeries I have had, my muscles being cut so much, I am considering a procedure that has been around for over 30 years. Forgot the name of it, but they put you under, as it is very painful and inject alcohol to kill the nerve endings. I have ( besides the adhesions) neuropathy from being cut so much from under the rib cage area all the way down south, plus 2 other cuts on my left side. If anyone knows of this treatment and can lead me to a link where I can read more about, I would be very grateful. I know some of you e-mailed me, but there is no way that I can leave the state to see another dr. and besides, I have a great surgeon, who is the President of the Surgical board in our Town and is also a member of the Trauma team for Louisiana. Thanks ever so much. Pat


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