Adhesions from Peritonitis

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Mon Jan 17 21:52:10 2005

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Jane, Unfortunately, any tests you have concerning the abdomin area such as ct scans and so forth are going to come out negative. Reason being is that adhesions do not show on any test except for having a colonoscopy by your gi doctor. I know that from personal experience. I was just hospitalized again over the holidays. I was diagnosed with Peritonitis.

At first, I didn't know what it was, except I knew it wasn't good. My mother who was a nurse for 35 yrs explained it to me and to me that she knew some patients that have litterally died from it. I was also diagnosed with diabetes which my mother and Uncle have. Then I was released from the hospital and been back to work since. I had to get permission from my primary care. I had asked her when I had my colonoscopy, it was so painful that I ended up screaming in the recovery room. She explained to me that I have adhesions around my colon. It showed up on the colonoscopy. I don't know how, but it did. Now my new primary knows there are adhesions again on my colon. You may want to have a colonoscopy done to see if there are adhesions on your colon. I hope this information will help you. Dee

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