recurrent adhesions and pain

From: Pat (
Wed Jan 12 15:25:00 2005

I have had numerous surgeries in the last 28 years and most recently---about 14 of them in the last 4 1/2 years. I have had a partial small bowel obstruction and in 2003, I had a headache and fever in which I ended up in the hospital. Exploratory surgery was performed because my white cell count was 30,000.

There was nothing severe found to warant the pain or the high infection that was present. As told to me by my husband, I was walking the halls and recovering and then my oxygen levels started dropping and I couldn't hardly breathe. I was rushed up to ICU and put on a ventilator for about 12 days. After spending almost a month in the hospital, I went home in May and then in September of the same year, I had to have hernia repair done. In January of 2004, I had an adhesionlysis done with a lot of adhesions and now the pain has become unbearable and I am at the point of risking surgery again to have the lysis done again in the hopes that they won't return. My life has been unbearable and my social life is all but none.

I am on pain medication which causes bowel problems and my gastro dr. gave me Zelnorm to try. It worked for a few days, after severe cramping and I stopped taking it as it made me feel worse. I have gone to the ER in severe pain with E-rays showing that my colon was full. I have used accu-prep twice to relieve some of the pain caused from the constipation. I eat a high fiber diet and I do whatever I need to do to make my bowels move.

I am considering the lysis again, but would like any new info that might help my surgeon. He has used lactaid ringers in the hopes that they won't return, but it hasn't helped. I have to have mesh put in because my tissue is weak and I herniate easily. I beleive that all this is the result of the staph infection, but can't find any data concerning the affects that a staph infection can cause.

I hope to hear from you in the hopes that there is something new that my surgeon can try to help me. I see a pain management doctor, but it doesn't help, other than living on pain pills. He is very strict, but at least he knows that I am suffering. Sincerly Pat


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