possible adhesions after cholecystectomy

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Okay, so what education you have read on the adhesion web-site, you have had all the tests and such that have came back "normal" even though in your mind there has to be something show up as awful as you feel. You can keep going to dr. after dr. getting tests after tests.

Sorry, but more then likely it's the adhesions causing all of the problems. Most of us have been treated like we are crazy or drug addicts.

I have traveled all over for surgeries for the cure and it has not worked for me yet.

Believe me I know what pain is, I suffer 24/7. I am in around my 7th year or so of this nightmare. I have gone to Pennsylvania and Germany. I have gone to Lubbock to a pain clinic that specializes in our kind of pain. I don't know what I am going to do next.

So, you probably have adhesions so don't go get more and more tests, focus on what you can do to relieve your pain. Find a good pain relief clinic.

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Susan-- It is so good to know that I am not the only person going through these problems. I had my gallbladder out Nov 2, and then another surgery nov 26th to repair a duct that was leaking bile.

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