Pain management?!?!

From: Annie (
Mon Nov 29 22:11:57 2004

I went to pain management for the first time last week (for my adhesions pain) and was put on neurontin. I tried it for the last week..and while it makes me very sleepy and calm it does little for the pain... so I called today and begged for something that would help the pain...even if just while we give the neurontin time to work.. they told me NO they wouldn't and I would just have to "tough it out". They want me to try it for a month!!!! I cried and told them that the situation was ridiculous and I would end up in the ER... and what kind of MANAGEMENT of my pain is that??? I don't know what to do... this is just a small part of my adhesions-pain-saga... I'm so depressed.. to top it off I burned my hand on the stove and am seriously sore. What a day.

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