Re: Swelling Belly

From: Tina (
Mon Nov 29 22:11:31 2004

Hi Elaine and Others Who've Struggled with Swelling Belly

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 5.5 wks ago today. I had fibroid tumors, a very large uterus and ovaries, both covered with endometriosis adhesions. My periods were ~18 days long and I was severely exhausted. I never had a swollen belly until after my hysterectomy.

When I came home from the hospital, my stomach was flat. I recovered in bed or the couch for the first two weeks eating next to nothing. I had no appetite. When I did begin to eat some (drink and maybe a meal a day), I started noticing my stomach swelling. I had this lower right sided pelvic pain. I would be doubled over in pain when I walked around. Over the course of the last three weeks, my stomach has swelled so large that I look 5 months pregnant. No joke. I can't wear anything but huge sweat pants. None of my clothes fit. It does start small in the am and by night, I'm sick from my stomach pressing my chest up (stomach) so high that it makes me ill. After 5 pregnancies, I know the belly forcing your stomach into your throat feeling... trust me. I've been to my doctors office 4/5 times with no results. He swears it's in my head. He made me stay in bed for the past 5 weeks because he claims that bedrest will make this go away. No... way. I am suffering. I am fed up. I have had so few bowel movements since the surgery. I have had a strong history of endom. since my teenage years. My doctor claims that my bowels are fine, but they don't act fine. Everytime I drink anything or eat anything my stomach blows up over the course of the day like a balloon. I feel like if it gets any bigger, I'm gonna float away like Mary Poppins.

I just don't know who to turn to about this problem. Do you have any suggestions? My gyn who did the surgery is useless. Should I pursue a G.I. doctor?


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