Re: I also have a VERY important question can ANYONE PLEASE

From: Sandra perry (
Wed Nov 24 16:46:19 2004

Ann I am so sorry for you you are so young to have C-Diff. I am 57 and also have C_Diff and was told to take Flagel and I did but it didn't help and then was told to take Vancomycin which cost 500.00dollars which I can't afford.

My heat goes out to you because all of my kids think I am just sick in the head but I have the same pains as you and no one to talk too not even the Doc. know what to do.

I am looking all over the enter net to see if I can find help if I ever do I will let you know I am crying right now for you cause I know your pain God Bless you and I am also on aol e-mail address is San

At Tue, 1 Jul 2003, AnnMarie wrote: >
>as I had mentioned in my last message, I have or at least had I'm pretty
>sure I still do have c-diff, from being on 3 antibiotics(levoquin twice
>and zythromax once)for 2 months(may-june)for a oral surgery for an oral
>infection plus vacomycin last year for 4 months IV in the hosital and at
>home fora ver bad shunt infection. now I have c-diff!

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