Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal?

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Sun Nov 21 21:50:34 2004

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same exact thing here, my friend!! After gallbladder surgery - delayed as well for many many years. (was all in my head. ha!) same area of pain.

felt like I couldn't get a deep breath on the right side.

finally I was able to get a prescription for ATIVAN 2 mg when needed. with this dose of this medication - I can breath deeply and normally. that was a scary period. I feel for you.

do you have a specialist now - that can go in with that little laproscopy and look? sounds pretty bad since your drinking meals. and of course - none of these tests can see the scar tissue - not until there is a complete blockage.

Stay with a good doc or find one. But I do have the same pain in the upper-right quad. - and have had terrible breathing episodes. like hyperventilating,.... but I wasn't.

Ativan was the only thing that relaxed (my diaphragm I latter found out) and allowed me to breath normally. It wasn't in my head as they kept saying - and they will! - since nothing else would work..... not valiums, Serax, Xanax, I could go on and on. Only the Ativan and only the 2 mg shot or pill.

ask your doctor about it. see if he will let you take it.

I also am on methadone - but like I've mentioned before I don't recommend this to anyone. yes - my pain is gone. but physically - I am so addicted to this drug. find what works for you and a doctor that will believe you, - and then prescribe the pills every month for you.

So sorry to hear the problems you're having. we are all with you.

M. J.

From: (Margaret)
Subject: Re: Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal?

I'm following this threat with great interest as well. After my (delayed complicated) gall bladder surgery I developed severe upper right quadrant pain.


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