Pain in lower abdomen please read!

From: Kathryn (
Sat Nov 20 16:02:16 2004

I am really getting depressed. I have had problems with my stomach/intestines for nearly a year. The only good news is, if it was fatal I guess I would already be dead... but I am SO MISERABLE, sometimes I wish I was. I used to be 125 lbs. now I am 148. I can't fit into any of my old pants. My stomach is swollen, and I can't have a normal bowel movement. I have to take laxatives or my stomach will continue to swell. The pain is sometimes unbearable. Two visits to the emergency room with no diagnosis has cost me plenty. They only took X rays and told me I was constipated, then prescribed a powerful laxative. I can feel a lump (or lumps) on the lower right side (very low). One doctor told me I was having a kidney stone attack and believe me I've had one and this is nothing like it. The pain was totally different than this. I am so desperate and I have no medical insurance. Going to a gastroent will cost me a couple of thousand dollars. I am not expecting anyone to be able to tell me what's wrong, but I was hoping that someone with similar symptoms has found out what is wrong with them. Please help me if you can, I am very tired and sick. Thank you, kat

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