Pelvic adhesions

From: Donna (
Sun Nov 14 14:16:03 2004

Hi. Could you please tell me if a CT scan would show adheasions? I was in the emergency room and they told me they could not locate the source of my lower left pelvic pain. When they did the CT scan they did it without contrast because I have asthma and I didn't want to get the dye. The next day I went to my OBGYN and he did a internal. I have a Csection scar from two Csections. The second Csection I had took 8 weeks to close up. It left a much bigger scar and was much harder to heal. But, my OBGYN did not even mention anything about pain from a past Csection. Is this because they would have seen it on the CT scan or do even OBGYN's not think of adhesions?

Thank in advance for anyone that offers advise.

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