Adhesions and Hysterectomy

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Sun Nov 14 14:14:37 2004

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Hi Deanna, When you say a total hysterectomy, I assume that you mean that you will be having your uterus, ovaries and both fallopian tubes removed. Are you having an abdominal hysterectomy? Or are you having a laproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy? Sometimes, there is less chance of adhesion formation with the laproscopic method. Ask your doctor how he/she will do the surgery. Have you had a problem with adhesions before? Not everyone has a problem with painful adhesions after surgery. I wish you the best........Jeanne C

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> Deanna Jago
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> I am 42y/o and I will be having a total hysterectomy
> in January. I too am hoping to reduce my lower back
> pain. I have scar tissue from old infection.

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