Anybody's adhesions CAUSED by gallbladder removal? - Anwer: YES. MINE WAS.

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Fri Nov 12 16:16:49 2004

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wow. this is what happened to me.

After they FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE DISEASED Gallbladder wasn't in my head - they took it out with the open-wide type of surgery.

Then came terrible pain and problems of a different nature as well. had terrible reflux - if I bent down to pick up something - vomit came out.

Pain so bad in my stomach-stomach... keeping me in bed until I took 10 Zantacs or whatever. Also - which was and is worse - is the right sided pain. sometimes goes around my back and chest.

also have to lie of my right side to control the pain when it comes in 'spells' .

Once I was on my right-side for 2 weeks before I could sit up straight.

Sometimes I bend a certain way - laughing or just sitting - and I can feel something twisting and cramping on that same side and I have to move around pretty fast to 'untie' the pain so-to-speak.

Of course - er's and dr.'s keep telling me it's in my head. NO TESTS show a problem. NONE.

but the specialist I just got in the New York area said no tests WOULD SHOW this type of thing.

I had to get on a very serious mediation for pain - because no doctor for the last 5 years believed me. thought I only wanted pain pills and that I had some mental problem.

so I got on METHADONE - used mostly to treat heroin addicts. for me - it was to treat the pain - since I get dosed every day with it - without fail... I show up and the medicine lasts almost the entire day.

HOWEVER I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS desperate move - since the dose has to keep increasing to unbelievable levels. how I will EVER get off of this medicine is beyond me.

But for today - I can still get out of bed... drive... go out without the fear I'd fall down in a ball of pain.

go to a specialist. explain your symptoms. DO NOT try to control the pain by yourself. there are SOME GOOD doctors out here. JUST KEEP LOOKING and get names from these emails.

OH. I also have difficulty breathing sometimes... like my right lung doesn't expand all the way. ya. sounds mental, doesn't it. but it's true. that's been hard too. but I was given Ativan for anxiety - cause they all thought this was in my head.

but in one test - just ONE - they saw something that kept my diaphragm from expanding - right side. I SAID SEE! IN MY HEAD, EH!

But still no one has fixed it. hard to remove the scar tissue - since it will most likely return.

but some doctors and patients have had good luck with new techniques. Adhesions are the same thing - some of us just have them in different locations. I am like yours though - caused by removal of that gallbladder.

But YOU keep trying. get names like we suggest - people here on this list are here for you... not just ourselves. you are on the right track.

p.s. anyone have that SWALLOW-THE-PILL test done? that camera you swallow ??? I am wondering if that will show something in regards to us.

God be with you - and with all of us who continue to suffer. -MJ

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I too was diagnosed with adhesions after my gall bladder surgery about 2 yrs ago. Can you tell me the type of pain you are experiencing or what you do to relieve them.

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