Anyone experience these symptoms?

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I'm sorry to say this but most of us experience exactly what you've described. Once they go in the abdomen, for many women, adhesions start to take over. Having surgeries to rid yourself of adhesions sometimes helps, but its only a viscious circle. Unless you are having obstructive symptoms or the pain is so unbearable, try to hold off on going back in. For many of us, myself included, I can't seem to wait because I get frequent bowel obstructions...then you don't have a choice.

Hang in there...we're all here to help you cope. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! Just another victim of these stupid things called adhesions.

You are in my prayers.

Jeanne Surdo

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> Hello everyone. Five years ago, I had laparoscopic surgery which ended
> up being a 2 hour lap, trying to rearrange my anatomy due to adhesions
> (from endometriosis). My sigmoid was adhered to my left ovary which was
> all adhered to my pelvic sidewall. For four full months following
> surgery, bowel function was returned to totally normal. Then things
> went downhill. Since that time, I was also placed on Lupron (I'm so
> sorry I agreed to that).

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