Re: Possible herniated disc.

From: Pam (
Mon Nov 8 21:36:07 2004

In Nov. 2003 I had a MRI done it showed that I had 2 herniated disc. I went through all the injections (3 injections a week apart). Each surgery cost about $12,000.00 and I might have felt a week or two where my back didn't hurt so bad that I couldn't take. It started hurting so bad again that I was ready to have surgery, but the doctor I want to do the surgery wanted another MRI done. I had the MRI done in May. It didn't show any herniated disc., it showed a bone spur and just stuff from age. I found a pain management doctor that I was mainly going to see for adhesion pain and all he wanted to work on was my back. Again I went through some more injections and my back still hurts. I think the back pain is from the adhesions pulling. I guess I'm just telling you what happened to me. So just really pay attention to the pain with your back and see if there is another type of pain that happens when you back hurts. I have pain in the area of where my left ovary was really back when my back hurts the worst. Good Luck and I hope everything goes well for you. Pam V.

At Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Susan wrote: >
>I am having an MRI today for possible herniated disc.Do they still do
>traction and if they do will it affect adhesions?Pulling them,or making
>them worse?THanks.Susan

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