Adhesions and Hysterectomy

From: Karen Halton (
Mon Nov 8 21:34:43 2004

I have never posted here before, but was hoping I might be able to find some guidance. Please bear with me - I will try to condense this as much as possible. I have had cervical dysplasia twice. It was treated with laser surgery. I have had two c-sections. I have been told (at the second c-section) that I have adhesions. I had my gall bladder removed in 2000, and was told that same thing. I have a fibroid cyst in my uterus. VERY Painful periods. Until recently, I had extremely painful ovulation - my doctor put me on a mini-birth control pill that has stopped me from ovulating, so that has helped. Even on the pill, periods are still heavy, painful and very clotted. I have found out that my cervix is not only very scarred, but difficult for a doctor to find. Apparently, it is partly inside my uterus. The last doctor feels it is the way I healed from the last c-section. It is virtually impossible to get a pap smear at this point.

I have been told that I have many good reasons to seriously consider a hysterectomy. The last doctor said that he would do a hysterectomy, but would have a surgeon on hand to "clean me out" of the adhesions.

Can someone give me an opinion about this? I have not had any other complications from these adhesions except pain. No bowel obstructions or anything else. I get very worried when I realize that I cannot get a pap smear, and I had pre-cancer cells twice (back in the l980's). I have been told that my cervix is so deformed that they wouldn't even be able to get inside my uterus to look around or do some of the other non-invasive procedures for fibroid cyst removal.

ANY opinions, input, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am very afraid, and don't know what I should do here.

Thank you,

Karen Halton

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