Re: hysterectomy-almost

Sun Nov 7 17:40:53 2004

> Hi, I find your case very interesting. Why were

you having a hysterectomy, and how old are you? I sounds like you got adhesions following your c-section. You could also form aditional adhesions from this surgery, since they did open you up. What type of pre-op tests were done on you? I am a surgical nurse, and would like to be of help if possible. I also suffer from adhesions.

If you would prefer, you can E-Mail me directly @ mention the hysterectomy. in the subject. I will try to help.

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Date: Friday, November 5, 2004 5:01 pm Sender: (Karen) Subject: hysterectomy-almost >
> Hi
> I was wondering if anyone had a similiar story to share with me?
> Last week I went into the operating room expecting a total abdominal
> hysterectomy prompted by a lifetime of irregulat haevy periods ,
> fibroids and pain. I was just done with my uterus!

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