From: Teresa (
Sun Nov 7 17:37:35 2004


I have been undergoing bowle investigations due to constant constipation and pain in my abdo and back. I had a colonoscopy (that was clear) and saw my doc last week. I now am having a defaecating proctogram as I have a prolapse. My bowle probs have been put down to IBS but 3 years ago I had an hysterectomy for endometriosis, fibroids and adhesions. Along with the hystorectomy I have had, 2 c sections (one eme), one laproscopy that eneded with the removal of an ectopic pregnancy and another laproscopy a week before my hysto.

I am not discounting IBS as I have mucus (blood?!?!) and pain when stressed. However I feel I have gone back 3 years, I have started to have pain during sex (as before my hysto) and when walking any distance I get the most horrendous pain in the bottom of my back (left side) or front left or right side. Also in myleft shoulder tip! Touchng certain parts of my bowel make me hit the roof! I am overweight (as some doctors like to tell me regularly but have lost almost a stone in the last two weeks (south beach!!!) My friend advised me it could be adhesions but my doc (general surgeon) says "he doubts it"

Any advice?

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