Second Surgery with Dr. Gerhart

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HI Dee.

Thanks for sharing your story with me. I'm so sorry you have to suffer like this too. IT's not enough to suffer physcially and emotionally, we have to go broke too. I can't hold a job long enough to make any money so I totally relate. Thankfullly my husband is a dedicated hard worker and has a good job or we'd be heading for food stamps sometimes, i'll tell ya!

I am in the final stages of appealing for should try. I've got great lawyers working for me out of New York. [law firm name deleted]

Maybe they can help you and we can get them to start some advocacy for those like us!!! We'll have to try and hook up sometime. My mother-in-law lives in Sarasota all winter and we try to get there once a year...although I don't know if we'll make it this spring. If we do, we drive through Tampa area. I 'd love to meet and have tea or something. You can always call me too if you'd like.



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> Jeanne
> Wanted to inform you that all hope is not lost.
> I too was in the hospital this month in October
> with all kinds of tests again. This time I had a
> colonoscopy which showed I have alot of lesions in
> my colon and a large hemorid. Plus I have a hernia.

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