From: Amber (ambiekate@hotmail.com)
Wed Jun 9 23:01:15 2004

Wow! it is SSSSOO nice to see that there are people out there that are experiencing this stuff. here there really isn't a support group for adhesions..and The doctors really don't care unless you're an emergency..by then..that's too late. i have had tow occurances so far,of pelvic and abdominal adhesions...and am currentl on the third. Seriously...if I hear one more Dr. say that it doesnt hurt..I'm really gonna kick someone. it does cause a crazy amount of pain...ALL the time..unpredictably..and they do pull. i am not imagining it..sorry. And has anyone had a dr. tell them.."hey..your built good enough you can handle it".....can you believe that? In my city..currently, none of the dr's will prescribe narcotics..ok..i understand that..addictions..blah,blah.blah...BUT..when someone really needs them.as treatment...do it. I am on Tylenol 3's...they really don't do much, and they slow everything down..so they aren't the best treatment..right..BUT my dr. now has said he will not give me any more. I take them ONLY if i can't bare the pain any more...so pretty much...I spend 95% of the time either in tears...or close to it. it's brutal. I'm off work too. It shouldn't take over 6 months to figure it out...it's rocket science. Anyway....It's really easy to vent here...wow..i'm glad that i found this site. reading everything, and knowing that it's happening to others is nice..well, at least to know I'm not alone. ..Thanks for the ear.....

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