Please Help, Urgent decision for my Husband Soon!

From: Judy A. (
Wed Jun 9 21:54:03 2004


My husband had an illeostomy in July 1999, a hernia repair of this in Feb. 2000, again in Oct. 2003, AND March 2004. The latter being done laproscopically.

the fifth surgery done by a colon and rectal surgeon in a different medical facility saw no apparent hernia, said ostomy seemed to be working properly, but an adhesion was cutting into the small intestine, causing a restricted area, along with 2 holes (erosions). This section was removed and resection done on 5/18/04. On 5/26/04, less than 12 hours after being released from the hospital, he is in very bad condition, low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, nurse unable to draw blood for tests. At this time, he is now back in the first facility, not one in May 04.

As of today, 6/9, he is still hospitalized. At one point he was able to tolerate liquids and thick liquids. More solid food was introduced, and his condiition has worsened since. On 6/8 an x-ray showed no blockage; with pain, nausea and vomiting occurring now and being so sick, doctor is postponing for today trying to get an x-ray with contrast/dye.

Can anyone offer any thoughts, or respond to this as soon as possible as his condition is rapidly becoming even worse? We are getting desperate as this situation is urgent.

As for adhesions, which the doctor now says he has again, to operate would lend to more adhesions, etc. Any options/suggestions/help please?

Thanks in advance, Judy A.

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