adheisions and missed periods

From: J.L.A.C (
Sun Jun 6 19:06:56 2004

I am 27 years old. I had Adhesion removal surgery 1 1/2 years ago to open my clubbed Falopian tubes (and my ovaries are also covered in adhesions). I had this surgery because I can not get pregnant. My OBGYN sais that there is no sign of Endometriosis. Prior to the surgery (for about 2 years) I was in much pain i vomited and could barely get out of bed during menstruation. The pain has gone away but now my periods are so irregular that i have been missing months (i use to be about 31 days). I have not had my period for 2 complete months and heading into the 3rd. What could have caused the adhesions in the first place and could the absent periods be caused by the surgery? I had no surgery in the past and no infection to my knowledge.

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