surgery with Dr Gerhart 5/26/04

From: Tracey (
Sat May 29 22:24:54 2004

,Hello all you poor fellow adhesion sufferers, I've been waiting to get to Dr. Gerhart for over a year and a half. Well, he performed my surgery only 3 days ago and I can't believe the world of difference it made. He said my 3 1/2 hour surgery was a challenge for him. He also told me it was horendous. I live in Connecticut so we are still here in the Hotel his office recommended and they are so hospitable. I see him on Memorial Day before we travel all the way back to CT. Can you believe it ? He even takes pictures, so you can bring them back to your regular doctor and say "ha, I told you so". Please any of you out there who are really tired of pain and depression, because no-one believes you are in pain, please look him up under Why continue to suffer in silence? He's in PA. I really do believe in him. He uses different techniques that other surgeons don't even know about. I know it's a great big decision to get cut again, but isn't it at least worth looking into? Good Luck & GOD BLESS Love, Tracey

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