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Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time since I have written, but I have been reading your letters everyday and before I get into me I wanted to tell Becca that the anti depressants in a low dose serve as a nerve blocker and it does relieve some of the pain, it takes 2-3 weeks before you notice a difference but for me it did relieve some pain and I think you will all agree that some is much better than none. So Becca I hope you have considered trying it, good luck.

After finding this website at the beggining of the year I was filled with some relief that others are going through what I was going through and the information was priceless. Unfortunately I was spiraling. I continued to trying everything that I could possibly do and I was getting worse, disgust and tears were becoming a part of my day.

On May 11 I had my appointment with Dr. Gerhart from adlap. The first good impression was that I did not have to explain every little thing. As he was checking me the question of my aorta being bound came up again, but I had brought films from every x-ray from the past 3 years. This is the short version. Anyway, that was tuesday and friday I had surgery.

After 41/2 hours I was in recovery, and sat. afternoon I was home ( I live an 2 hours away). I never saw Dr. Gerhart but he met with my husband and said everything went great and he did not have to take any organs (he thought my gallbladder would have to go). It has been a week and a half and I feel good, I felt good after surgery. I have surgical pain but not that deep adhesion pain, and I had a little problem last week with vomiting so Im a little behind. I have had trouble getting comfortable because I have pain eveywhere I have had a few night where I have slept completely propped up and slouched because the pain is in my back also, but I am getting BETTER everyday. I will see Dr. Gerhart on thursday and get the full report on my surgery and I will let you know. So my final thought is that I hope I have done the right thing and if things progress the way they have in the last week I am confident that I have.

>From deep in my heart I wish all of you relief from
the stranglhold of pain.


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