Feeling Hopeless

From: Joanne (jolo1968@hotmail.com)
Sat May 22 19:37:07 2004

Hi. I had 2 surgeries done laporascoply to remove adhesions from my uterus, bladder, liver & diaphram. I also had a bladder biopsy done because I retain urine & have difficulty urinating. I had a complete hysterectomy done on 2/2/04. They had trouble getting my uterus unstuck from my bladder because of the adhesions. My doctor also took my appendix because it was covered with adhesions. The doctor was unable to get all the adhesions of my liver and kidneys because it would have created to much trauma for my body. It has been 3 1/2 months since my hyst. I am still having a lot of the same pain and problems that I had before. My urologist doesnt know what to due about my bladder retention and pain. I am taking elmiron and elavil, but he is not sure that is the right answer. My doctors say pain meds like percocet or vicodin will only make my proble worse but what am I supposed to due about the pain. I am getting very depressed because I dont feel like there is ever going to be an end to this. Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joanne

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