Re: What is entailed to Apply for Soc. Sec Medicare for adhesions

From: Karla (
Tue May 18 22:28:07 2004

Hi Kim,

My name is Karla and I was around a long time ago but due to very poor health have had to stay away. I read your post about the gov and Medicare not paying for our disease....I don't know what you are saying. Could you please explain? I did used to work for SSA so I also have some of that knowledge. I know its tough because Medicare does not cover medications, but, they should be paying the majority of your bills and I would hope that you could get medical assistance for the balance. I have been on disability since 1987 and Medicare has never refused to pay a bill no matter what. (If they have denied some of your claims then I would follow the appeals procedure) They do however stop paying hospital bills if you use up all your entitlement have to be out of the hospital for 60 days before they rebuild and I'm lucky if I can stay home a week. Also, have you typed in free medications on your computer...or asked your doctor about it? My parents get all of their meds free by applying to the various drug companies and they have what some would consider a decent monthly income.

I would love to help you further if you want to email me, but be aware that I am entering the hospital on Monday to have my kidneys removed and will not be able to respond for awhile.

Good Luck!


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