Re: Need to vent........

From: kimberly mcgoldrick (
Fri May 14 01:57:38 2004

Hi Kristie My name is Kim maybe you have seen my name on this site before. I just finished reading what you wrote and I feel the same exact way except i have so many critical complications i cant ever get out of bed .Im so depressed as well and I dont know where to turn. All the Drs look at me and say the same thing and alls i want is to be mommy again to my little girls and for them to help . I believe you and your right all drs wont admit that adhesions cause all this pain and suffering . I really dont have any great advice except that your not alone and your not crazy just keep believing that.Do you have a pain management DR .I do thank god hes the only one thats helping me and believes in me and with his help he has found me another dr for my disease . I hope that we all cant find are way out of this pain nobody deserves this suffering and abuse i wish u well and good luck...Kim

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