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From: Kristie (
Fri May 14 01:56:19 2004

Hey, I like your name.. You sound like a lot of womem on here. You need to find a pain management doctor. I am on a program of going on a coctail of meds. It's going to be about a year to get where I need to be, but at least I am working on it. I have a list of doctors that belong to the same program my doctor is at. Email me cause I dont think I am supposed to give out other names of doctor's.

I hope you get better. I have a problem taking the oxycotin. I just think I am a sleeze bucket sometimes for taking them.......but my doctor told me, I have a diease that is just as hard as diabetis. And just as they take insulin, I have to take a drug to help me live a productive life. I am not happy with the way I feel many days. But I have other problems as well. (fybriodmyalgia)(I think a lot of us do).........but anyway, at least its a working point for me and I am trying to do something about it Good luck...... The other Kristie

At Mon, 10 May 2004, Kristie wrote: >
>This is the first time that I have left a message on here. I have been
>reading the posts and the quilt and leave my computer crying. Crying
>for all of us, the people that are contineously in pain and won't be
>heard by the people that they were taught to "trust".
>I've been sitting here in my little apartment having a pity party for
>myself. I'm so tired of this crap happening to me and it's not just the
>disease(s) but it's just life in general. It's hard to keep my head
>held high when it hurts just to stand.
>First off, I have been diagnosed with all this crap (Adhesions disease,
>Chronic Cysts, Uterine Septum, fibroids and quite possibily Endo. I
>will not let them open me to check for it but I have all the symptoms)
>It all starting when they operated for an ovarian cyst in 98 when I was
>20. It just kinda snowballed from there. I've had two other surgeries
>since then and I consider myself lucky because I know that most of y'all
>had more surgeries than that. Now that I'm in pain almost constantly, I
>can not exercise, I can not stand for very long, I just can't do all the
>things that I normal person my age should do.
>I'm tired of doctors looking at me and shrugging their shoulders. When
>I even offer adhesions being the cause they just roll their eyes and say
>that adhesions don't do that. Bullcorn! I didn't have all these
>problems until adhesions got into the equation. I am not crazy and I am
>not a hypocondriac! Do they think that I want to spend hundreds and
>thousands of dollars on meds, surgeries and treatment? Do they really
>think that I like calling into work because I'm in so much pain that I
>can't out of bed? Do they think that I don't want to do all the fun
>things that my friends are doing? And do they really think that I'm
>making up the fact that I wet myself without even knowing it?
>Today kinda brought me over the edge. I had to see an Urologist because
>for the past two months about once or twice a week, I wet myself. Not
>so much that it's running down my leg or anything but enough to make my
>pants wet. It's not when I sneeze or anything but when I'm doing
>anything from working to sitting in front of the TV. I don't know it
>until I'm wet. She did a very painful manual pelvic exam and discovered
>that my muscles "weren't happy" that I should go and see a physical
>therapist. She also said something about my pelvic floor collapsing.
>Also that my bowels are messed up. Again, I offered up the adhesions
>and she said, "They have nothing to do with it." Yeah, I've heard that
>before until they opened me up to find that adhesions had strangled my
>colon. I really don't know what to do, the pain is getting worse. My
>days are getting harder and harder to get through and I'm sick and tired
>of doctors not even listening to me!
>After all these months of reading what y'all had to say, I've decided to
>step up and ask for y'all's advice and support. My only support that
>I've ever known, my mother, passed away a month ago this Mother's Day.
>Now I'm more depressed than ever and I feel hopeless. I'm tired of
>shelling out my time and money to doctors that just write me a script
>and tell me to deal with it or they just tell me that I don't have a
>Please God can't someone help me?
>Kristie S.

Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

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