What is entailed to Apply for Soc. Sec Medicare for adhesions for

From: Pamela Watkins (HossDuke@Juno.com)
Mon May 10 00:32:25 2004

Have any of you had a 23 history of adhesions where there's hardly any organs left to remove and gotten on Medicare. I'm only 46 years old and have lost the gallbladder, 14 inches of ileum and cecum of bowel, ileo-cecal valve, uterus, now had adhesions mimicking GERD and also have at this moment bladder prolapse. (Bladder has had adhesions attached to it through all the following surgeries) I sure need some help as to how difficult it would be to get on disability or Medicare. I think the young age of 46 is going to be an issue. Has anyone of you gotten help at that young age?

Thanks, Pam

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