Tired of Pain

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Mon May 10 00:23:12 2004

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Hello Dee I read your e-mail that you wrote to Pam, I am going thru the same thing as far as seeing a pain specialist. I will start seeing the pain specialist next week and was wanting to get more info from other on how the pain specialist is helping with dealing with the pain, not on sure what will happen, but I am hoping that I will learn to handle my pain better. I am presently on pain medication, and I am at the point that if I don't take it I I can't function very well. I went to visit a surgeon about a month ago, he recommended that I see a pain specialist as an alternative to surgery, he said that the type of surgery I would need to have, would be major due to the adhesion being attached to my intestine.

I don't want to have the surgery, but I am afraid that something could happen and then, I would need to have emergency surgery.

I am hoping that the pain specialist will be able to help with the level of pain I am dealing with. I have already had adhesion surgery, which my OB GYN doctor did, he stop when he got near my intestine, because it was more then what he wanted to get into.

Thanks Carolyn

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Pam, I totally understand what you are going thru. I have had 11 surgeries in all due to adhesions. I am trying to prevent from having any more surgeries, because the last surgery I had ended me up in ICU with 4 units of blood given so that I could live.

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