Who Do I See

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Wed May 5 23:29:28 2004

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My OBGYN is the one who removes my adhesions. I am having abdominal pain right now that we are trying to blame on my gall bladder (all tests came out negative) and I asked my gastro dr if it could be adhesions and he referred me back to my ob dr. It makes no sense why an ob dr is who handles adhesions after we have no female parts, but as far as I can piece together, that is who handles them.

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I was wondering if anyone can help me. I was thinking about surgery and was wondering who do I see Gyn or general surgery? I am not sure about surgery but I would like to know who would I need to see. I have nothing left to make me gyn I have had a TAH on both ovaries removed and ovarian remnant. Thanks for all your help. I suffer from major adhesions.

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