adhesions(for Sherry)

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Actually I work for OB/GYN doctors. One of the doctors that I work for is very updated on new techniques and recommends alot of natural remedies for her patients. She had a patient that had to have a C-Section and afterwards ended up with adhesions. This patient then told me about how it helped her. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but I have been going now for almost 2 months and I can't tell you how much it has helped me. My last day for therapy is May 4, 2004. Ewa (pronounced Eva) said that if I want I can continue, but suggests that considering that I feel very little (if any) pain anymore, that I now try it on my own. I think the phone number is (248) 666-9000.

Ask for the physical therapy department. The name of where I go is the Waterford Ambulatory Care Center, just off M-59. You do have to get your doctor to give you a script to be able to go. My surgeon told me that he would give me all the time in the world if it is going to help me. I hope you can get some help, ask your doctor about Myofasicial Release. He or she should know what it is. Good luck and keep me posted on what you are able to do.


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