Re: gallbladder removal

Thu Apr 29 22:40:18 2004

Hi to all,
I to had gallbladder surgery in 2002 which left me with a bile leak and
peritionitis, hospital for a month and emergencey surgery,for the past
15 months I have had nothing but pain,I to was told it was all in my
head, just this past month I had surgery to remove the adhesions,
(from liver,diaphragm,abdominal wall to the colon was tied up)
I to have not been able to lay on my right side and have been on ty-3w/
codine for the past 15 months.every day is a painful one,and I try
to look at the brighter side of things,my husband,3 yr old son,but the
pain wears me down alot. sometimes I wish I could go to sleep and
just keep on sleeping.I didn't find comfort  in the surgeon who took my g-b
out, his only appoligy was (It's not my falt your anatomy is different.)
I have so far lost 16 months quality of living from my life,and suppose
I will keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.
Don't let doctors push you around or tell you your nuts,it's in your head.
In pennsylvania our doctors took off to go to harrisburg to protest
insurance rate hikes for malpractice,what if all the people got together
have been mamed from careless docs who don't care, went to there capital and
protested against careless physicians who do there damage and drop you like
hot potato, because you complian,just a thought...
I have best wishes for all, Lori

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