Re: It's just has to be adhesions/intercourse

From: Kristie (
Fri Apr 23 22:08:16 2004

Hi I guess I am very lucky. I have a husband who likes to talk. We talk for hours about everything. I don't know anything we haven't gone through....ill health, money problems, child with birthdefect, a murder in my goes on. The subject about a private life is so personal. As for my husband and I, I think we seem to get a long with it because we have such a good commincation going on all the time. It wasn't always this way. But not being able to have sex isn't what I wanted, it's just the way it is. It's probably to personal to say but here goes, you have to get creative with your sex lives. I really dont have a huge desire, but I know how important sex is to my husband. So we do lots of other things when I can't have intercourse. To a man, its so important. And to women it should be, just because it is to them. Am I making any sense here? We just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. It's been a rocky road at times,but we have learned a lot. Maybe if I was on hormones, I would have more of a desire. It's ok though, because I DO KNOW how important it is to him, so therefore, its important to me. He know's very well how much I hurt. He has no desire for me to hurt either. So I guess my advice for anyone in this situation is to just learn to communicate. To really talk and lay your cards out on the table. Life can go on with ARD. If your married, you both have ARD. I hope this helped. Kristie

At Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Jane wrote: >
>Is there any temporary relief while waiting for insurance to kick in?
>Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

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