Massage physical therapy for adhesions?.....Is this helpful for

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Sun Apr 18 22:44:15 2004

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Dawn, I have been having therapy now for about 4 weeks with some success so far. My therapist does specialize in this field? What she is attempting to do is stretch the adhesions so that they do not pull on other organs as much. There are different exercises that I have to do at home along with certain breathing techniques. She works especially on my incision area (even though that is not even where my pain is). To be perfectly honest I have already noticed a signaficant difference. Yes, I do still have pain on occaison, but I also have a partial bowel obstruction. She is not sure if the therapy will help that, but considering how I am feeling alot less pain and can even eat a little more than before, I think that if you have a chance to have therapy you should.

By the way insurance does pay for it, at least mine does. Good luck and God Bless you with success.


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