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From: Laura (
Thu Apr 15 06:53:10 2004

Hello everyone, My name is Laura, 40 years old & I've had 15 major operations already! Ruptered appendix at age 14. Reopened incision for drainage at age 14. Rectal abcess removed at age 14. Ovarian cyst removed at age 16. Ovarian cyst removed at age 17. Ovarian cyst removed at age 18. Ovarian cyst removed at age 19. Total hysterectomy at age 19. Abdominal abcess removed at age 20. Abdominal abcess removed at age 22. Abdominal cyst removed at age 27. Lysis of adhesions and some intestines removed at age of 34. Gallbladder removed at age of 36.

For the past 2 1/2 years I have been in & out of the hospital, for partial blockages. I need some help, opinions or any information, because I'm facing another surgery for adhesions.* My GI doctors are pushing for the surgery, and my surgeon is kind of leaving it up to me. He does agree that I should have it done before I go into a COMPLETE BLOCKAGE. Problem is, the surgery is very risky, I'll form more adhesions and could end up with more & bigger problems! I could go the rest of my life and never have a complete blockage. Nobody has a crystal ball. Confused, scared and don't know what to do. Sincerely, Laura

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