Re: Food

From: Kristie (
Thu Apr 15 06:32:50 2004

HI Jane.... sorry hun but sounds to me you have a nut case for a doctor. Pain managment doctor's give you medication mostly. They can give you trigger point injections to help too. I don't know if I would go to that doctor again. Here is a link that has my doctor on it. Maybe there is one for you? Best of luck Kristie

(moderator) This link will take you to the American Board for Pain Management:

At Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Jane wrote: >
>Hi everyone,
>I had a hysterectomy, the only abdominal surgery I've ever had. Since
>then I have constant pain in my lower left quadrant. I have a bowel
>movement, and then it feels sore and dilated and gassy all day. The
>more food I eat, the worse it feels. I was wondering what foods might
>effect adhesions. I think it would be bad to eat things like peanut
>butter and others that are kind of sticky. Would oils kind of smooth
>things out? Like olive oil? I'm so sick of this constant pain. I went
>to a pain management clinic, but all he did was rub my stomach really
>gently. They didn't have much else to offer. What other kinds of
>things can pain management clinics do?

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