Wanted to ask question.

From: t71479@aol.com
Sat Apr 10 00:14:33 2004

Hello, I just wanted to ask a question about the adhesions. I have pretty bad adhesions from Fitzhugh curtis syndrome. I wanted to know what could happen if I don't get treatment soon? I had surgery done last year to remove some from my intestines, and reproductive area. The doctor didn't want to touch the liver because he said it was too risky, and that I would have to see a specialist. I have no insurance right now yet though, because after the surgeries I got laid off my job because i kept on going back into the hospital from infections. I'm going for SSI and disability though because I am legally blind. I think that the adhesions came back on my intestines and that area though because I'm having the symptoms again and I cant seem to use the bathroom but maybe 2 or 3 times in a 2 week period, again. The pain on my liver is also getting a lot worse too, sometimes I cant even breath. I have 2 small children and the pain is very similar to being in contractions. I feel like my ribs are cracking. i dont know if this is a bad sign that maybe I should watch out for, but like i said i have no insurance yet so I'm trying to limit my hospitalizations to when its really necessary. Thank you very much for your answer to this. Madelyn Rodriguez- Orlando, Florida.

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