Laperotomy Ashesions and Risks for a Potential C Section Birth...

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Hello Ant & Holly;

Congratulations on your new (soon to be) arrival!

Let me start by stating that I have been in somewhat your situation, without the nightmare that Holly went through with the infection that she had from the first c-section.

By all means however, if she has any chance of having natural childbirth, she should definitely do it!!!! I had my first child via c-section. I had unknown troubles getting pregnant with my second, but after 4.5 years of trying finally did. What they found on my second c-section was the start of my nightmare. Although I was pregnant with a 9 1/2 pound baby, when they cut me open, they could not find my uterus! I was so full of adhesions that the uterus was buried beneath them all. They literally pushed on my son's butt several times hard to have the uterus pop through the adhesions. Needless to say, I lost a lot of blood during the surgery, and have had major adhesion problems ever since.

Everytime you have a surgery, your chances of having more adhesions grow. Living with adhesion problems is a nightmare, as most on this board can attest. And since we really don't have many options, we are having to try to live with what little life we can learn to enjoy.

Since your wife had such a miserable time with the first c-section, I am surprised that you would consider a second, unless there is a specific reason that she had to have her first c-section. I tried for natural childbirth the second time around as well, but my hips are too small to deliver a baby, and my doctor informed me after my c-section that had we proceeded in trying to push him out, I would have broken my hip and his shoulder.

PLEASE think this over and over. Talk to the doctor that delivered your first child. If he/she states a problem that could have been a one time thing, I would opt to try naturally. My sister had a c-section on the first child and delivered 2 naturally afterwards.

Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck in the delivery, and I wish your wife and new child only the best of health...

Janine Love

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If anyone could lend some assistance or experience in a similar circumstance we would really appreciate it as we have a very small amount of time until our second child is born and our doctors and consultants can not help us reach a decision, or even offer any worthwhile advice other than, "hmmmm lets wait and see what happens" "it's your decision" and the classic "that's a difficult problem I don't know what to say."

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