Re: need nj doctors

From: Michelle (
Thu Apr 1 07:38:58 2004

Thank you Tracey! Actually Dr. Gerhart contacted me via email yesterday. I am gathering the info he needs and will be making arrangements to see him. I was so excited! If anyone wants to know more about Dr. Gerhart the web sites for him are and So far the best that I found and obviously Tracey agrees! I am excited to have found him. Thanks so much Tracey! Michelle

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At Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Tracey wrote:

>Hello, You might want to try Dr. Gerhart in Plains, PA. His web page
>is , He will be taking care of me in a month or so and
>I've been searching for a surgeon with his expertise for well over a
>year. I'm traveling from Connecticut to see him. Please do your
>research and think long and hard about another surgery. Good Luck,

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