insurance problems.

From: sarah (
Sun Feb 29 21:30:11 2004

I didnt know if anyone else was having problems with their insurance not wanting to pay for adhesion removal. I just received my bill from the hospital and from my doctors office where i had a laparoscopy surgery to remove the adhesions, and my insurance refused to pay for any of it because they say that this is not a medical condition covered under insurance. It is rediculous. i have these adhesions becuase of the previous surgeries i have had to remove my gall bladder, appendix and hysterectomy, but they wont cover the procedure to cut the adhesions that were formed from other surgeries that they paid for. I just dont get it. Im going to appeal of course, but it just seems unfair how the insurance compaines work. My doctor told me that it was covered under my insurance, but the insurance company now says it isnt covered. If its not the pain we have from the adhesions, its the pain from the insurance company. Has anyones else had problems? sarah

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