Adhesions following subtotal colectomy

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Mon Feb 23 21:38:48 2004

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UPDATE : Hi Helen ( Feb 21st 2004 ) I am so sorry for such a late reply to your message , I only came across the message when I did a internet search with my name.

I had most of my colon removed they left just enough of my Sigmoid colon to attach to my rectum I also have had some small intestines removed due to the adhesions also , I now know I will be having the ileostomy and it will be a permanent also the full removal of my rectum and the adhesions and also a repair of my pelvic wall .

I had my operations at different hospitals as I have been passed from pillar to post as each surgeon says I am complicated , like I made my insides this way ? Hmmmm

I have seen my last couple of operation notes as I had some tests in January 2004 whilst I was Admitted yet again for another full bowel obstruction. I was given my hospital file to take with me since I had a long wait I sat and looked through my case notes , It was a good read I learnt a lot as to what had been done and to just how bad my insides are that bit did scare me , I have always been the same I would rather know than not .

Since I last wrote I have had 3 more emergency laporotomys for bowel obstructions due to adhesions I have also lost my right ovary it was stuck to my bowel so I now have 1 ovary left from the gynae side . I will be 28 in May so I am hoping once all these operations are behind me I may get some life that I so badly want.

The original scar is now just under 13 inches. I really do appreciate your reply , many thanks for taking the time to reply . Thank you

K Deane
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Subject: Re: Adhesions following subtotal colectomy

At Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Helen Dynda wrote: > >Dear Kerry, > >Do you recall how many surgeries you've had? Were ALL of your surgeries performed at the SAME hospital?

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