Inflamed bowels

From: Bea Selwood (
Sun Feb 22 23:50:49 2004

Hello friends, I wrote several months ago about how it was discovered that I had adhesions despite never having had any surgery. Apparently from PID about 20 years ago which I never knew I had. My only symptom was recurring lower right quadrant pain for the past year. The lap showed extensive adhesions of ovaries, tubes etc. which was also travelling up my colon on one side only. The surgeon wisely left them in place, not wishing to exacerbate the problem, and put me on antibiotics.

I no longer have the recurring pain, but my colon now seems to be badly inflamed, almost like a tyre underneath my skin. It's uncomfortable to sit down and I seem to 'throb' round my middle. However I have absolutely no digestive problems, can eat anything and no toilet trouble.

I am fortunate to be otherwise very fit, except for this thing which is now dominating my life. My doctor insists I must be constipated and won't send me to a bowel specialist, putting me on laxatives instead. Does anyone have experience of inflamed bowels that is not Crohn's or colitis related? Any suggestions at all would be most welcome. Bea

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