Re: Adhesion abdominal spray

From: Robin (
Thu Feb 19 17:57:30 2004

I don't think it is natural. I had it used on me almost 9 months ago. I am feeling GREAT! I am 99% pain free and off the 3 different pain meds and sleeping pills. I no longer have bowel problems. I got adhesions from my first c-section in 1983. Suffered from the pain off/on till about 6 years ago. Then the pain was all the time. I spent the last 2 years in bed with horrible pain even with the strong meds. I would have extra pain just walking the 10 feet to the bathroom. I just got back from a long weekend in California. We went to Knotts Berry Farm while we were there. I walked all over and rode on some really wild rides there. My feet were sore from walking so much!! If you would like more information about the Dr or surgery, just email me at robin

At Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Veronica wrote: >
>CAN ANYONE please give me experiences or details on the spray gel that
>is now being used to stop reformation of adhesions? Is it natural or a
>chemicalised product Thanks

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