Re: Six Month Update

From: sandy (
Tue Feb 17 18:31:44 2004

HI, to all! I just thought I would add my up-date along with Nancy. I too had my surgery with Dr. Gerhart on Dec. 10. I am pain free, losing weight, happier and healthier then I have been in over three years. I thank this site and all the support I received from "tons" of adhesions sufferers. Dr. Gerhart did more for me then any one and I hope other people will look into his "gifted" ability to help when no other Dr. would listen. I have made many new e-mail friends and I hope one day Dr.s will start to listen to women and not just shrug us off. Sandy

At Sun, 15 Feb 2004, Nancy wrote:

I just thought that I would write a short update about my most recent surgery (my sixth in 10 years).

I try to watch this board every so often because it helped me greatly. I'll try to post again in another 6 month to tell how I am doing.

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